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Q1. How do I online order for Sin Katong rice dumpling?

Step 1 : Select the product item or direct click on " Add to Cart".
Step 2 : The quantity of "Cart" will be shown on the top bar, please click and enter its page.
Step 3 : After confirm order item and quantity, click on "check out"
Step 4 : Please create personal details and shipping address then click "continue" to proceed order.
Step 5 : After click on "Place Order" button and make payment . Your order is successful and receive notification by email.

Q2. How do you charge delivery charges? Any waiver to delivery charges?

In order to ensure the freshness of dumplings. We only deliver to Peninsular Malaysia, need 3-5 working days. Delivery charge is Rm10.00 for first 2kg, there will be other charged for the subsequent weight. Free delivery for purchase above Rm300.00 . For further details please refer our delivery policy on click links.

Q3. How do you proceed online order ?

We depend the order accordingly to produce dumplings from cooking ingredients, wrapping , dripping, vacuum sealed packing, these processing are required 2 to 3 days to finish. We will arrange out for delivery after this.Your consideration and patient are appreciated.

Q4. Do you provide refund or exchange item service ?

We shall make the refund or exchange of goods with a valid reason if goods are damaged in transit. For further details please refer our returns and refunds policy on click links.

Q5. What's the serving method for rice dumpling?

Steam Method :
Place them in steamer, boil the water and steam about 20-30 minutes. Need to defrost frozen dumpling first if taken out from the freezer.
Microwave Method :
Add some water to the bowl, place them in the bowl and cover the top by another bowl, use medium heat up to 5 minute.

Q6. What's the storage method for rice dumpling ?

Suggest to be stored in fridge if need to be consumed within 2-3 days. Can be kept in frozen (up to 3 months) if plan to store it longer.


Q1. 如何线上订购新加东粽子?

1. 点选商品图片或直接点击“加入购物车”。
2. 可以看到最上角“购物车”显示数量,请点击进入“购物车”页面。
3. 查看已选商品和数量后,点击下面右下角进行下单。
4. 请填写个人资料和送货地点后,点击“继续”进行下单。
5. 最后点击最下一行的订购按钮和完成线上付款。您将会看到成功订购页面,也会收到电邮确认通知。

Q2. 如何计算运费?如何免运费?

为了确保粽子保鲜不变,物流只限送到西马地区,需2-3天工作日的送货时间。 每首2KG, 我们只征收Rm10.00 ,超过2KG将会征收额外收费。购买超过Rm300.00将享有免邮。物流详情可以点击快速连接delivery policy。   

Q3. 如何处理订单流程?


Q4. 请问有售后保证吗?

如果商品在运输过程中造成损坏,在合理的情况下,我们将会退款或替换货品。售后详情可以点击快速连接Returns and Refund policy

Q5. 如何加热粽子?

蒸锅法  :
把粽子放入蒸锅内,隔沸水加热约20-30分钟。 如果粽子放入冷冻,建议先解冻然后再加热。   
波爐法  :

Q6. 如何保存粽子?