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About Us


Sin Katong Rice Dumpling specialty shop was set up in the year 1997. After weathering for 20 years and keeping in mind the values of hard work and determination required in traditional enterprises, we have firmly established our business. We have now become a popular rice dumpling specialty shop in the area of Johor Bahru. We are like an army of honey bees, dedicating ourselves daily to producing good quality rice dumpling of various flavors. Our rice dumplings taste like those that are made by our mothers, fragrant and delicious in the traditional way. And we can savour these rice dumplings anytime, not only during the Dragon Boat Festival.


We wish to extend our gratitude to the interview given by the crew of Astro gourmet show # Tasteful Life 2#. It truly captures our many years' of dedication to the continuation of a culture and a traditional way of life. It has enabled our hard work to attract the attention of people and be accepted. As long as patrons love our dumplings, we will forever be ready to serve them.

非常感谢ASTRO美食节目《写实人生2》拍摄团队前来采访我们。记载着多年坚持一种传统文化的传承及生活面貌,让我们付出的努力能得到大家关注与肯定。在生命中,只要顾客喜欢吃我们的粽子,永远愿意为他们而作。                                                                           -14.05.2014  -